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Have you ever wondered why God has made you like He has?

I have met many who want to make a difference but just don’t know how to do it.  I was in that same place many years ago when a man named Jesus interrupted my broken story and gave me a new beginning. His unconditional love and the loving arms of a church began to restore me back into the man God destined me to be.


Our dream for you is that you discover the magnificent destiny God the Father has made you for. Have you ever met someone who has discovered who they are, and lives everyday in the dream they have been designed for?


Do you live life that way? Most people live their lives just existing, disconnected from the love of the Father, and a community to help equip their journey. Being alone is no fun! Jesus came to show us a new way, to give us a new family and to empower us to make a difference.


Our model is to be extravagant in our worship of God, healthy in our relationships, passionate in our prayer,  empowered  in our mission, generous in our giving, and authentic in our relationship with God.


We are ready to serve you in your journey. How do you want your story to end?



In His Smile,



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